Purchase Portal

Notice for 2i Rete Gas suppliers

The access to the present portal and its fruition even on the part of the suppliers of 2i Rete Gas is permitted on the basis of specific agreements existing between Enel and 2i Rete Gas.The supplier of 2i Rete Gas cannot rely upon Enel or any companies depending on Enel for any request afferent to the present service, but must address exclusively to 2i Rete Gas for every and any eventuality question or technical problem.

Electronic billing mandatory for all contractors for works, services and supplies in Italy

With effect from 01st September 2014 and also considering the enter into force of electronic invoicing in economic transactions with the Public Administration, Enel will only accept invoices sent electronically through the Enel procurement portal....continue

"PortalOne”: the unique Portal for all the Enel Group Suppliers

From the 14th of October 2014, “PortalOne” becomes the global and unique suppliers registration and access point to the Enel Group procurement world. The new link is: http://globalprocurement.enel.com 

At the same time the registration/access won't be available anymore in this homepage.

All the already registered suppliers will be able to access with the same user name and password directly through "PortalOne". New supplier registration through "PortalOne" will be the first mandatory phase of any kind of business cooperation with the Enel Group companies.

In order to launch the new portal, fromFriday October 10th at 6.00 am, till Tuesday October 14th at 9.30 am (UTC+1), the access to “My Home”, registration and login to local Procurement Portals, (including Slovenske Elektrarne, Enel Russia e Enel Romania), will not be available.

For any further information, contact us.

The access to the Global Procurement Portal of the Enel Group (PortalOne) is available at the following WebSite: GlobalProcurement